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India Business Law Journal - September 2023

Volume 17, Issue 3

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In this issue

CCI proposes deal value threshold on mergers

India's PVR and Inox Leisure merger bypassed antitrust scrutiny due to low turnover. CCI now proposes deal value threshold under new Competition Act

Arbitration: reins tighten on judicial intervention

A fundamental principle of India’s arbitration law is to have limited judicial intervention in the process

Beyond the hype: Shortcomings of new data law

By Mathew Chacko, Aadya Misra and Ada Shaharbanu, Spice Route Legal

Defendants’ rights better balanced in interim injunctions

By Manisha Singh and Omesh Puri, LexOrbis
Data law protects children

Flexible data law protects children from changing technology

By Ashima Obhan and Anubhav Chakravorty, Obhan & Associates
Dissenting arbitrator's opinion

Dissent is not award

Strength in numbers

National in-house counsel bodies in Asia see wisdom in joining hands with resourceful larger counterparts

SEBI fixed price delisting India

Delisting Roadblock?

SEBI’s fixed-price mechanism to face challenges as the 90% delisting threshold remains for companies

Mediation Bill India

Mediation is not myth

tax reform economy

Tax reform leads to a developed economy

By Mukesh Butani and Seema Kejriwal, BMR Legal

The green scheme

How regulating green hydrogen will play a big role in government plans for energy independence

Loading legaltech

Our survey finds widescale acceptance of legaltech among firms, but some resistance remains

Technology transfers in India

Transfer of technology is a taxing matter

By Gautam Khurana and Abhishek Hans, India Law Offices
Law firm management succession planning

Tapping innate strengths

How management professionals can strengthen support functions at law firms

India Business Law Journal – September 2023

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