ICCA seminar shares insights on restructuring, good corporate governance

ICCA shares corporate governance insights
The speakers and attendees at the ICCA’s seminar on corporate restructuring and good corporate governance

Around 20 in-house lawyers attended an Indonesian Corporate Counsel Association (ICCA) seminar on 14 March in collaboration with GHP Law Firm titled “Corporate restructuring (M&A Holding Company): Parenting and GCG Group”.

GHP partners Mohamad Kadri, Muhammad Karnova, and Yohanes Brilianto Hadi shared their insights and expertise on the latest developments in corporate restructuring and good corporate governance (GCG) at their office in Jakarta.

“GCG is important for building trust among stakeholders and it is essential for legal compliance,” said Karnova. “It ensures that a company is managed in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner, which aligns with stakeholders’ expectations and interests.

“By implementing GCG principles, companies can build strong relationships with their stakeholders, leading to increased trust, loyalty and, ultimately, long-term success.”

The seminar delved into corporate restructuring such as different kinds of corporate actions, including acquisitions, mergers, consolidation, spin-offs, etc., as well as the required planning and assessment for undertaking these actions that may involve business development strategy, financial and tax planning, operational enhancements, and regulatory matters.

The speakers also shared the best practices in ensuring compliance, transparency, and the necessity to streamline the concepts of GCG with existing guidelines (including applicable regulations and international standards) in the case of multinational companies operating in Indonesia.