Forums look outward for Japan’s GCs


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The Japan In-house Counsel Network (JICN) organized two forums for June, one aimed at business in India and the other at antitrust issues in Europe.

With the 1 June forum – entitled Working with India: The law firm’s role in facilitating full and effective participation – the JICN considered that India has long promoted foreign investment, but there had been few successful projects there from Japan, and some companies had pulled out of India completely.

In order to take advantage of the available opportunities in India, the JICN opined that GCs need to navigate the rapidly changing business and legal environments, as well as understand how to effectively negotiate with determined Indian parties. At the same time, there remains in India the need for experienced counsel that can assist clients to ensure that neither well established nor newly promulgated laws create obstacles to successful participation.

Speakers from Kojima Law Offices at the forum included: Hiromasa Ogawa, a partner focused on outbound direct investments (especially into India); Hirokazu Amemiya, a partner specializing in cross-border investments and dispute resolution with a heavy focus on India; and Lynn Pickard, a foreign attorney who has done extensive work for Kojima Law Offices involving India.

The second forum on 15 June focused on antitrust and was titled: What’s up in Brussels? A closer look at the EU Commission’s new enforcement priorities following the reported decline of global cartel investigations. The past two years has seen a material decline in global cartel investigations, which dominated a large part of the EU Commission’s antitrust enforcement agenda in the past decade.

New priorities have emerged in enforcement, and these were addressed at the JICN event. The event was hosted by Morrison & Foerster Tokyo and featured speakers Rony Gerrits, the co-chair of the Global Antitrust Law Practice Group and managing partner of Morrison & Foerster’s in Brussels, and James Robinson, a partner at Morrison & Foerster Tokyo. The speakers discussed developments including: Sales restrictions in the digital economy; the hunger for data in merger filings – how to effectively manage the process; cartel damages claims in Europe; and how EU member state courts became the preferred venue for global claims.