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Capital markets; Private equity and venture capital; Corporate compliance; Real estate and construction


Xiao Lei graduated from the Law School of Sichuan University and is currently the equity partner and vice director of the corporate law department of Sichuan Junhe Law Firm as well as a part-time commercial arbitrator. His key practice areas are capital markets, private equity and venture capital, enterprise compliance, real estate, construction, engineering and dispute resolution, engaging with diverse industries covering Baijiu and liquor, FMCG, biomedical technology, banking and finance, automobiles and new energy. He has accumulated extensive project experiences in these areas and industries.

With a broad knowledge of the legal regimes of the PRC, excellent communication skills and thoughtful business insights , Xiao Lei always holds to the professional faith of legal mind and business sense to best serve his MNC clients Pernod Ricard Asia, Pernod Ricard China and FAW-Volkswagen for their ambitious FDI projects in Sichuan Province and internal governance and compliance projects such as a series of antitrust legal sessions for their senior sale managers. He best serves his well-known biopharmaceutical industry clients Sinopharm Group, Rongsheng Pharmaceutical. and Chengdu Boaovax. with their milestone projects such as the investment and construction of a new, first-class bio plant as well as multiple rounds of PE financing.

Xiao has written and published a number of professional articles focusing on the fields of corporate law and antitrust law in off-line and online authoritative legal magazines and media, such as the Journal of China Lawyers published by the China Bar Association, the Journal of Sichuan Lawyers published by the Sichuan Bar Association, the Journal of Sichuan Trial published by the Sichuan High People’s Court , Legal Empire published by a famous digital legal medium, all of which are highly regarded by his clients. Xiao’s antitrust law article Antitrust governance and improvement against the internet monopolists won second prize twice in related national scholarship forums hosted by the China Law Society.

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