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Amit Kapur


Amit Kapur

New Delhi

Tel: +91 11 4937 0635
Email: amit@jsalaw.com

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Practice areas

Infrastructure; litigation; power & energy; mines & minerals


Amit Kapur has led JSA’s infrastructure practice since 1997. He has served as a senior partner since April 2017, and was elected as a joint managing partner in January 2019.

His practice focuses on dispute resolution, public procurement, public-private partnerships and transactions in energy, climate change and sustainable development, transport, municipal infrastructure, and social or developmental projects.

He is regularly consulted on infrastructure, regulatory and PPP issues by several ministries and bodies of the central and state governments, developmental financial institutions (the World Bank, the Public – Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility, the WSP-SA and the Asian Development Bank), competition and sector regulators, and leading Indian and foreign corporates. He serves as a member of the CEA Advisory Committee, the Board of Advisors of the NIIT Foundation, and the Managing Committee and Governing Council of the CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition.

He actively assisted the Kelkar Committee on Rejuvenation of Infrastructure Development (2015). He served as a member of the Ministry of Law’s appointed committee to review the Specific Relief Act, 1963, which led to an amendment to the law in October 2018.

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