ACC HK launches AI-driven newsletter

Association of Corporate Counsel HK launches AI-driven newsletter

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Hong Kong members now have improved access to the ACC’s global resources and thought leadership following the Corporate Counsel Now electronic newsletter launch. The weekly newsletter will feature a range of content relating to in-house legal services in Asia, including legal leadership and ACC resources.

Sandra Wu, ACC Hong Kong president
Sandra Wu
ACC Hong Kong president

ACC Hong Kong president Sandra Wu says that what makes the Corporate Counsel Now newsletter unique is the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software that drives the content for each member.

Corporate Counsel Now is driven by software that personalises the individual articles, and even the order that they appear in, for each ACC Hong Kong member based on their click and reading history,” says Wu. “It ensures the member is receiving the most relevant content to them.

“Following the launch of the new ACC Hong Kong website late last year, and the launch of this new and important communications channel, we look forward to continuing to improve our service delivery to our valued ACC Hong Kong members.”