A higher calling


Intellectual property lawyer Shwetasree Majumdar tells of how she took a month away from her day job to advise on updating India’s rape laws

The year 2013 began on a note far removed from my safety net of intellectual property law. I was a member of the team working with the Verma Committee, tasked with recommending amendments to India’s rape laws. I thought of it as a big pro bono project with an inbuilt sense of instant gratification. The report was due in 30 days and I basically had to give one month of my life to the project. However, I didn’t quite bargain for how physically, mentally and emotionally draining the assignment was going to be; how deeply moving on one hand and how immensely anger-inducing on the other.

As a lawyer, setting aside my personal bias on the subject, I believe the amendments the report recommends are both far reaching and sweeping. The key recommendations are:

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Shwetasree Majumdar is the managing partner of Fidus Law Chambers. She is not a spokesperson for the Verma Committee and the views expressed here are her own.

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