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Wang Jihong

Senior Counsel
Zhong Lun Law Firm

Tel: +86 10 5957 2288
Email: wangjihong@zhonglun.com

Practice areas

Compliance; Energy & natural resources; Infrastructure; Investment & financing


Wang Jihong is a renowned legal expert in urban construction and development, focusing on infrastructure, energy and natural resources, cross-border investment and M&A. Over the years, she has consistently received high praise from international and authoritative professional media.
For more than two decades, Wang has been deeply engaged in the fields of infrastructure, energy and natural resources, and has continued to explore and lead the industry’s cutting-edge business in line with the changing needs of the market. She has led her team to provide legal support for investment, financing, construction, M&A, IPOs, dispute resolution, bankruptcy reorganis ation of numerous domestic and foreign energy and natural resources projects covering photovoltaic, wind power, nuclear power, hydrogen, hydropower, pumped storage, thermal power, geothermal, biomass power generation and other types of energy. With unique industry insights, she has advised many domestic and international clients represented by large central enterprises and continues to serve people’s livelihoods and national strategies with her legal expertise.

In the field of cross-border investment and M&A, Wang has been active in dozens of “going out” and Belt and Road projects, and has provided in-depth services on behalf of Chinese enterprises in a number of representative projects, including the first case of exporting nuclear power technology with Chinese intellectual property rights – the Argentine nuclear power plant project; the Belt and Road strategic co-operation project – China-Laos Railway, which was jointly decided and promoted by top leaders of China and Laos; the acquisition of Rio Tinto’s mine in Namibia . Her rich experience in investment and construction of domestic and overseas projects, as well as flexible and pragmatic legal solutions, have won the trust of Chinese and foreign clients.

As legal adviser to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the Ministry of Finance, Wang has participated in the introduction and revision of many laws and policies in the fields of ecological environment and carbon emission reduction, actively promoting the rule of law in China’s efforts at environmental protection. As Vice-Chair of Environment and Energy Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) China National Committee, Wang actively participates in exchanges and seminars in the fields of energy, environment, carbon emissions reduction, climate change, the circular economy and sustainable development, committed to assisting Chinese enterprises in going out, integrating into the world and promoting continuous exchanges and co-operation with the global business community.

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