Becoming a top legal adviser requires firms to go beyond giving solid legal advice and ensure timely completion of tasks. Asia Business Law Journal names the top firms in the Philippines for 2018. We have identified four winners in technology, media & telecoms areas as follows



Disini & Disini is the top technology, media and telecoms law firm in the Philippines, as was evident from the large number of votes it received from its peers. While it is a full-service firm, its true strength lies in its expertise in the emerging practice areas of technology, e-commerce, cyber-space law, and emerging media such as social networks, peer-to-peer media, online advertising, and e-learning. Apart from the founding partners, JJ Disini and Rowena Disini, it has one junior partner and 12 lawyers.

Belo Gozon Elma Parel Asuncion & Lucila is a quarter of a century old, has 10 partners and is a full-service firm that has built a name for its expertise in telecoms, aviation and maritime law. It has a strong mass media practice that boasts the top print, TV and radio networks in the country, including Philippine Daily Inquirer, GMA Network, Time Life International, and Progressive Broadcasting Corporation.

Zamora Poblador Vasquez & Bretaña is based in Makati City, and is a full-service law firm founded in 1993 by Ronaldo B Zamora, a former member of the House of Representatives of the Philippine Congress and executive secretary to former president Joseph Estrada. Napoleon J Poblador and Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, also a member of the House of Representatives, are also founder partners. The firm has 12 lawyers including five junior partners.


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The winners of Asia Business Law Journal’s Philippines Law Firm Awards were selected based on votes, references and qualitative information received from in-house counsel and other legal professionals in the Philippines and around the world.

A voting form was posted on our website and thousands of in-house counsel, lawyers at international law firms and other Philippines-focused professionals were invited to vote. At the same time, Philippine law firms were asked to make submissions in support of their candidacy for awards. These submissions, combined with research by Asia Business Law Journal’s editorial team, played a supporting role in the judging process.

All Philippines law firms were automatically eligible for inclusion in the awards process. As always, there were no entry fees or any other requirements for entry. Read the full list of The Philippines Law Firm Awards 2018 here