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In December 2017, Japan In-House Lawyers Association (JILA) held a party to celebrate the number of in-house lawyers in Japan exceeding 2,000 in the autumn of last year.

JILA was founded in 2001 and is composed of practising and former in-house lawyers. It is the latest corporate counsel association to partner up with Asia Business Law Journal.

While carrying out research on the current situation of in-house lawyers working in Japan, JILA says it also conducts a variety of activities to promote familiarization with in-house lawyers, and by so doing contributing to social justice and benefiting society as a whole, as well as promoting friendship between the JILA members.

The December party was held at the headquarters of LINE Corporation, a fast-growing global internet company based in Tokyo, and 137 JILA members attended the function.

Mari Hiraizumi, deputy president of JILA, gave an opening speech, while LINE’s executive officer in charge of the legal department gave a congratulatory speech to JILA members and major Japanese law firms who also attended.

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