Interview with Tanya Khan of ACC Asia-Pacific


Tanya Khan, vice president and managing director Association of Corporate Counsel Asia-Pacific


We are very excited to bring the ACC experience to Asia. This is something that ACC has been wanting to do for a number of years. We believe it will set the benchmark for future conferences in the region. We have tried to bring a great mix of content for our members. So from substantive law to law department management and professional skills, also innovation and legal tech. So we are bringing a multi-streams programming approach as well as trying to encourage our members to engage with each other through other social events. We are also bringing our general counsels around the region together for a special breakfast.

What issues are the ACC Asia-Pacific members most interested in?

I think some of the issues that our members find interesting are always universal. In this region particularly, being a general counsel or being an in-house counsel often in a much smaller team so loneliness could be a bit of an issue. Therefore, this is great occasion to bring our members together to create networks and peer-support networks that they can rely on moving forward.

Another thing that is on the agenda is what keeping our members up at night in this region, such us the pace of geopolitical change, the broadening of their responsibilities as they are asked to do more –they are moving into areas such as HR– that creates its own issues for our members. Regulatory compliance, as always, and data breaches are high on the agenda for our members as well.

We are really looking forward to this conference enhancing our brand profile in the region, hoping that it resonates with our members and they can see the value in becoming ACC partner. We are going to be using the conference and the connections we make here to help us refine our offering to our members in this region. But, certainly for us, the big goal that we will be working on this year is making an even bigger and better event in Singapore next year.

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) hosted its inaugural APAC Meeting at the Island Shangri-la, Hong Kong, on 11 April. More than 240 in-house counsel delegates attended from locations across the Asia-Pacific region including Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India and the Philippines. Read our coverage here