Maiden UK sustainability award for green lawyer Sudhir Mishra

Maiden UK sustainability award for green lawyer Sudhir Mishra
Sudhir Mishra

Eminent environment lawyer Sudhir Mishra has received the Guardians of Sustainability Award this year for the first time at a curtain-raiser for The Canvas – World’s First student SDG accelerator initiative.

“It’s a huge recognition for me and my sustained campaign for the enforcement of conservation, forest and wildlife laws in India,” Mishra told India Business Law Journal.

Mishra, who received the honour at the curtain-raiser held at the House of Lords on 12 July 2022, is a door tenant at No 5 Barristers’ Chambers in the United Kingdom.

The founder and managing partner of Trust Legal is also the present chairman of the Environment and Climate Change Committee of the Society of Indian Law Firms.

During the past two decades, he has been committed towards conserving the environment, tackling climate change and sustainability issues, and saving tigers, wetlands, coastal zones and national parks. Mishra even commissioned the maiden Sustainable Development Report 2021.

He voluntarily filed a writ petition in 2015 before the Delhi High Court in a battle to curb the rise in air pollution in the Delhi/National Capital Region.

Over the past 20 years, he has conducted 325 workshops across 300 protected areas and appeared in more than 65 litigation cases involving environmental issues before the Supreme Court of India, the high courts, National Green Tribunal, the Central Empowered Committee of the Supreme Court and statutory pollution control boards.

The Guardians of Sustainability Award recognises leaders, institutions and agencies who not only contribute to United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, but live its core values in thoughts, words and deeds in every aspect of their lives to make this world a sustainable world for generations to come.