KICA members were treated to traditional music from the National Gukak Centre.

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The Korean In-house Counsel Association (KICA) recently immersed its members in culture with a joint event it held with the National Gukak Centre (NGC).

The KICA signed an MOU with the NGC for the joint event, titled Member’s night with Gukak (traditional Korean music).

More than 60 members from the KICA enjoyed the traditional Korean music, along with lawyers from sponsoring law firms invited by the KICA.

The NGC is a cultural art institute that carries more than 1,000 years of tradition and history since its beginnings as “Eumseongseo”, in the Kingdom of Silla. The centre has continued to preserve and pass down traditional art and creative efforts on this traditional foundation, while also striving to seek modern values and a futuristic outlook in traditional art.

The four performance groups of the NGC – the Court Music Orchestra, Folk Music Group, Dance Theater, and Contemporary Gugak Orchestra – feature skilled performers, who are the driving force in developing the court music and dance performed everywhere from royal palaces to local community halls.