SCCA embraces digital platforms


Amid the chaos of COVID-19, the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) has found its footing with the office adjusting to working from home.

Mel Nirmala, executive director of SCCA said: “Getting your head around the global pandemic, while trying to live a normal life, has become almost impossible for anyone. Businesses have been focusing on post-COVID conversations while trying to re-strategize functions in departments and staff.

Mel Nirmala

“In-house lawyers and compliance officers have been impacted significantly greater than others, having had their heads metaphorically twisted, pulled then re-attached. The disruption has been very real at all companies, whether they are small or big. It was the same at the SCCA.

“Thankfully, we were agile enough to bring our strengths together quite seamlessly. We took this opportunity to enable in-house lawyers from around the world to engage in various ways with their peers by bringing like-minded conversations to a virtual stage, where they listened, conversed, debated and understood each other’s challenges.”

She said the SCCA’s investments, expansions and efforts into being digitally equipped have paid off. In addition to taking all events online, the association has been busy with surveys, white papers, academy programmes, interview videos and other media projects, and is also in the final stages of launching a podcast titled “The In-house Talks”.

“COVID has pushed all of us to think out of the box, and we have embraced this at the SCCA,” she said. “As the world physically distances itself in isolation, digital communication has thrived and is reaching its peak integration. We invite you to be a part of the SCCA’s new digital initiatives if your vision, strategies, ideas and experiences require a professional stage.”