SCCA creates connectivity platform


The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association (SCCA) has created Peers.Online, a virtual platform that serves as a connectivity hub for corporate counsel around the world.

The website, which has been live since 1 September, was developed to answer the needs of corporate counsel to keep themselves updated and expand their networks, as the pandemic has restricted everyone’s mobility.

The platform contains videos, news and the latest insights relevant to legal professionals in the region. Readers can also share stories on the platform.

“While the world stayed home, we went to work, and we collaborated closely with like-minded academics to create accessible and fun modules for the platform,” Mel Nirmala, the SCCA’s Executive Director, told Asia Business Law Journal. “In the next few months, we will be populating it with even more content suitable for counsel around the world, and at various skill and technical levels.”

With an eye towards minimising the pressures that have come from social isolation, Nirmala said that having a virtual connectivity hub that was both socially and professionally relevant to SCCA members would be a welcome addition, given uncertainties as the world slowly moves out of lockdowns.