Former Rolls-Royce GC Roop Loomba returns to her roots

Roop Loomba

After establishing the legal, ethics and compliance division for Rolls Royce and spending almost four years at its Indian subsidiary, Roop Loomba has returned to Loomba Legal Services, the family law firm she co-founded in 2016.

“My last role was as a general counsel (South Asia) for Rolls-Royce entailing the creation of the legal and ethics and compliance department, which was a challenging role because I had to build it from the start,” she said. “But having done almost all that I could do in that role, I moved out to keep myself challenged as a legal professional.”

At the Gurgaon-based Loomba Legal she is setting up a corporate vertical division for litigation cases, which she hopes, would provide some of the “constant challenges for personal growth” that she needs.

Starting her career as a litigation lawyer in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana in 2011, Loomba soon found herself enlisted to the panel that managed the legal affairs of the Punjab’s government-owned companies.

In addition, she also took up the role of a regional associate for Amarjeet and Associates, which claims to be “a leading intellectual property (IP) law firm”. Loomba said arguing cases before the high court benches on behalf of this firm was “the most liberating experience”.

Three years later, she moved into an in-house role with Castrol India, as an IP leader for the northern region where she also received a healthy dose of challenges.

These included becoming the first woman to be hired for the role that also helped her realise that “work variety, challenge and growth” were shaping up as the guiding principles for her future career moves.

Subsequently, she climbed the corporate ladder at various companies including Hindustan Unilever, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Philips and Whirlpool. In between, she took “a short” 18-month break as well for honing her corporate advisory skills.

Aside from building her legal practice, she intends to contribute to society by helping law students develop practical skills and preparing them for professional life. She has already joined a few law institutes to achieve this goal, she says.

“I will also work towards bringing more like-minded women together to collaborate and uplift other fellow women. We must leave the universe a better place to live in, in whatever small way we can,” she added.