Ola GC rides over to Rivigo


Anurag Sharma, the general counsel (GC) of cab aggregator Ola, left the company after two years to join logistics startup Rivigo and become its first GC.

“Rivigo is an exciting opportunity and as the first GC I will be heading both the legal and the corporate affairs functions,” Sharma told India Business Law Journal.

Anurag Sharma

In comparison to Ola, Sharma said his new role had wider responsibilities that also included the secretarial and compliance functions.

Sharma built the legal team at Ola and was also the first GC at the company, which is well-known for being one of the country’s unicorn startups. He helped to launch Ola in Australia and the UK, led the acquisitions of Foodpanda and Ridler, in addition to being involved in investment rounds of around US$1 billion.

Ola began its operations at a time when regulators were still coming to terms with the sharing economy. The company had resisted being classified as a taxi company and insisted it was a technology platform. During this time, several states attempted to ban their services and taxi drivers protested against the company and its rival Uber seeing them as a threat to their livelihood.

“After initial hurdles, we were able to engage with various governments and stakeholders to have regulations enabling our operations and ensuring business continuity,” said Sharma.

Rivigo provides transport services to sectors such as e-commerce, retail and fast-moving consumer goods. It employs a driver relay model of transport where several truck drivers relay the shipment to each other until the goods reach their destination.