Lall Lahiri & Salhotra renamed to reflect ownership


Lall Lahiri & Salhotra (LLS) has been renamed Rahul Chaudhry & Partners to reflect the current ownership of the firm. The new name took effect on 1 July.

Rahul ChaudhryManaging partnerRahul Chaudhry & Partners
Rahul Chaudhry
Managing partner
Rahul Chaudhry & Partners

“While there was a history and a rich legacy behind the previous name of the firm, which was based on the name of its founders, it was also considered imperative to reflect the dynamics responsible for the growth of the firm,” Rahul Chaudhry, the managing partner, told India Business Law Journal.

Chaudhry had taken over LLS’ management in July 2007, and acquired 100% ownership of the firm in March 2013. The firm’s composition and team structure remain unchanged by the rebranding.

Veteran intellectual property lawyer Amar Raj Lall established LLS with Monisha Lahiri and his daughter Anuradha Salhotra in 1983. Lall passed away in September 2012. Salhotra continues to work as a partner in the litigation practice of the firm.

Rahul Chaudhry & Partners currently has 55 lawyers, including nine partners, and 110 support staff. It has offices in Delhi and Gurugram.

Chaudhry said he was taking steps to establish the firm in other non-IP sectors and was witnessing an increase in the client base. The firm recently introduced 100% automated IP management systems to manage client data and statutory and internal deadlines.