Bhasin book offers personal legal journey and national snapshot

Lalit Bhasin

Noted jurist Fali Nariman launched a limited edition coffee table book, titled Lalit Bhasin – A Lifetime Dedicated to Law, in New Delhi on 29 August.

The book details the life of Lalit Bhasin, a prominent legal personality and president of the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) and the Bar Association of India (BAI). Bhasin is also a member of India Business Law Journal‘s editorial board.

Covering eight decades, the book provides a comprehensive understanding of India’s legal society, as well as chronicling Bhasin’s life from his childhood days in pre-partition Rawalpindi, his rise in Delhi’s politico-legal groups, to the present day when he steps forward to celebrate his 58th year as a lawyer.

With hundreds of personal and professional photographs, and replete with numerous interesting anecdotes and experiences of the 81-year-old lawyer, it is an anthology of his family history, childhood memories, personal life, professional journey, and fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams.

“The book has taken me back to my childhood days and my journey over 80 years and has captured what I have been able to achieve during this period as a lawyer,” said Bhasin.

The publication also provides crucial historical information on the growth of the Indian legal profession from the late 1960s.

During his nearly six-decades-long association with the BAI, Bhasin served as its general secretary, vice president and president for almost half that period. He founded the SILF in 2000, and has been its president since then. Bhasin is also chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (India) and a strong proponent of mediation and amicable settlement.

He has been associated with the International Bar Association, Union Internationale des Avocats, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, LawAsia, the American Bar Association and German Bar Association, among others. He is also managing partner of Bhasin & Company.

The book Lalit Bhasin – A Lifetime Dedicated to Law is published by Matrix Publishers. If you wish to acquire a copy, please contact CEO Sanjay Sethi at [email protected] or 9810045161.