KICA collaboration helps young lawyers find career path


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The Korea In-house Counsel Association’s (KICA) president, Lee Wan-keun, and the Seoul Bar Association (SBA) president, Lee Chan-hee, jointly held an Inhouse Counsel Mentoring Programme on 24 July at SBA building in Seocho-dong, Seoul.

KICA President Lee Wan-keun

About 70 lawyers who had newly passed their Korean Bar exams in April participated in the programme as mentees, while 36 seasoned in-house counsel volunteered as mentors for the event. The mentors shared their experiences as in-house counsel to give constructive guidance to the mentees.

This is the second time the KICA and SBA have begun collaboration to organize an official mentoring programme to help young lawyers find their right career path, while also counselling the many young professionals who also have significant difficulties in getting decent jobs in South Korea’s market.

Lee Wan-keun said the KICA will continue to make opportunities to give more practical and insightful guidance to lawyers who want to become inhouse counsel in the future.