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The Korean In-house Counsel Association (KICA) has announced its new executive team to lead the 1,800-strong body from 2018.

Lee Wan-keun, director of KCC Group, will lead the KICA along with more than 20 directors, including eight vice chairs. The KICA has seven divisions: general affairs, public relations, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), cultural affairs, compliance, pro bono, and academic affairs.

The elected representatives are as follows: Lee Wan-keun, president; Yang Jong-yoon, vice president and secretary general; Baek Seung-jae, vice president, advisory board; Lee Jie-un, vice president, ADR division; Shin Woo-cheol, vice president, public relations division; Chae Joo-yup, vice president, public relations division; Park Jong-chan, vice president, public relations division; Kim Min-gyo, vice president, academic affairs division; and Choe Ju-nu, vice president, compliance division.

The KICA is a bar association of in-house counsel who are licensed in Korea and work in corporations, government agencies and other organizations.

The association has more than 1,800 members as of December, 2017 and more in-house counsel are expected to join as numbers increase annually.

Since its foundation in 2011, the KICA has been dedicated to the promotion of interests of its members through contributions to social justice and a culture of compliance. Through various activities to promote such core values, KICA strives to contribute not only to the interest of its members but also to the balanced development of the corporate environment in Korea.

The association engages in collaborative activities with government bodies, academia, bar associations, NGOs and media outlets. It offers its members with education and training opportunities, networking experience with senior lawyers and experts from various firms, and chances for contribution to the in-house society and legal community.