Japanese firm launches first Singapore alliance


Nishimura & Asahi Singapore (NASG) has entered into a formal law alliance with Bayfront Law, a Singapore law practice, on 1 June 2020, following approval from the Ministry of Law Singapore.

This is the first formal law alliance in Singapore involving a Japanese law practice. It allows Nishimura & Asahi’s lawyers who are qualified in Singapore – Masato Yamanaka, Masataka Sato, Yuji Senda and Tomoro Yoshimoto – to practice under the alliance name, Nishimura & Asahi-Bayfront-Law Alliance.

Since setting up in Singapore in 2012, NASG has expanded to 12 its team of lawyers qualified in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, including secondees from Nishimura & Asahi in Japan. The firm is co-led by Yamanaka, who specializes in cross-border M&A and finance, and Shintaro Uno, who is an expert in cross-border construction projects and disputes.

Singapore-based Bayfront Law, founded in 2017, also has 12 lawyers. Its key practice areas include M&A, capital markets, investment funds, corporate and commercial, and litigation and arbitration. The firm is led by Kesavan Nair, who specializes in commercial litigation and arbitration.

Nishimura & Asahi has launched offices and alliances in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Taiwan, China and New York. This year, the firm became the first Japan “Big Four” firm to establish offices in Europe, with two offices in Germany.