Ex-AZB partner becomes JSA consultant, IDIA mentor

Madhurima Mukherjee

Madhurima Mukherjee, a former capital markets partner at AZB & Partners, has taken on two new roles, joining J Sagar Associates (JSA) as a part-time senior consultant and also becoming the chief mentor at the Karnataka-based NGO Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA).

At IDIA, Mukherjee will guide the team, together with managing trustee Shishira Rudrappa, on strategic advice, project evaluation, fundraising and donor interfacing on a part-time basis. The NGO aims to empower youth from underprivileged backgrounds with access to a quality legal education.

“From the outside, it does look like a mixed bag,” Mukherjee told India Business Law Journal, “but both roles offer exactly what I set out to do. JSA has a successful but young capital markets team. My role as a consultant will be to add to the bench strength, provide strategic advice, and help the practice go to the next level,” she said.

“IDIA is now on the map of several corporate social responsibility programmes. Shishira believes my corporate experience and organizational skills could help IDIA navigate into a broader arena.”

Mukherjee has also started her own firm, Mukherjee India,Law Offices.

“The world after this pandemic may be very different from what we knew it to be,” she said when asked why she left AZB in April. “I felt the time had come to leverage my experience and capabilities to provide strategic advice and a wide array of corporate, legal work.”