DuPont legal head moves to IFF after merger

International Flavors & Fragrances’s new GC helped steer DuPont merger, Sanjit Kaur Batra
Sanjit Kaur Batra

Sanjit Kaur Batra has become regional legal director for greater Asia at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) in Gurugram, after its merger with DuPont’s nutrition and biosciences business as part of a global US$26.2 billion deal.

Batra personally worked on the merger and described it as a great learning experience that was made more challenging by the pandemic.

“The deadlines for the separation and merger were global timelines, and the work had to be completed despite the prevailing challenges,” said Batra, who was the legal head for South Asia at DuPont

The merger required long hours from Batra and her team on virtual meetings, emails and calls last year, as travel was not possible.

“We were a geographically dispersed core team for this project, representing different parts of the organisation,” she said. “While pre-covid face-to-face meetings would have helped us interact, co-ordinate, resolve challenges and celebrate milestones, everything had to be done virtually in 2020, without any travel.”

Batra’s role will be similar to that at DuPont. “I will continue to support the countries in the Indian sub-continent, as well as be the lead regional counsel for some businesses of the combined organisation in Asia,” she said.

Batra had been with DuPont for nine years, and prior to that worked with the US Patent and Trademark Office as a commercial specialist for South Asia.

The IFF-DuPont combination was executed through a Reverse Morris Trust transaction. DuPont shareholders own 55.4% of the combined company and IFF’s shareholders own 44.6%. IFF is a US company that produces flavours and fragrances, and works with global brands to develop scents and tastes for products.