Committee to look into NPD governance


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has constituted a committee, headed by former Infosys CEO Kris Gopalakrishnan, to explore the governance of non-personal data (NPD). MeitY emphasizes the need to recognize the economic dimensions of such “community data” and its potential usefulness for policy-making. Accordingly, the ministry directs the committee to: (1) study various issues relating to non-personal data; and (2) make specific suggestions on the regulation of NPD for the government to consider.

This notification follows the draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 (PDP bill) released by a committee constituted in 2017, which is scheduled to be introduced in the current parliamentary session in India. The PDP bill also contains an explanatory report. It does not itself clarify what it means by NPD, but mentions community data, aggregated data, derived data, anonymous data, e-commerce data and AI training data as possible examples.

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