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师光虎 Shi Guanghu 道可特律师事务所 管委会委员、执委会主任、争议解决部主任,北京

Shi Guanghu

Member of the Management Committee, Director of the Executive Committee and Director of the Dispute Resolution Department
DOCVIT Law Firm, Beijing

Tel: +86 159 1067 7683
Email: dkt09@dtlawyers.com.cn


Practice areas

Commercial dispute resolution; Corporate compliance; Bankruptcy and liquidation; Intellectual Property


Shi Guanghu graduated from Renmin University of China and is currently a member of the Management Committee, Director of the Executive Committee and Director of the Dispute Resolution Department of Beijing Docvit Law Firm.

Since he began practising, Shi has focused on high-end commercial dispute resolution, specializing in dealing with major complex cases. Shi has long served large central government-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and financial institutions. In recent years, his clients mainly include China Communications Construction Company, China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co and China Everbright Bank. The hundreds of major cases handled by Shi mainly include financing trade disputes, trust loan disputes, corporate investment disputes, and real estate co-operation disputes.

Shi actively advocated the concept of industry-based dispute resolution, had a deep understanding of the construction engineering, energy, manufacturing and financial industries, and provided top-level legal solutions for clients in the dispute resolution fields of related industries. In recent years, as the head of the dispute resolution team, Shi has led the team with GLGA to launch a number of industry legal health index reports, filling the gap in the domestic industry legal health index.

Shi Guanghu has been engaged in a number of influential financing trade disputes in recent years, such as Beijing Jingcheng Industrial Logistics Co Ltd v Zheshang Holdings Co Ltd. This case, with the subject matter exceeding RMB800 million (US$114.3 million), is a typical case in the field of financing trade disputes and involves groundbreaking legal issues, intertwined litigation and non-litigation, as well as civil and criminal. In recent years, Shi has also acted as an agent for many major cases involving sales contract disputes, with subject matter amounting to several hundred million renminbi.

Shi Guanghu is a lawyer representative of the 3rd Lawyers’ Association of Chaoyang District. He was also awarded the 2015-2018 Industry Contribution Award by the Lawyers’ Association of Chaoyang District.

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