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Jennifer Wang

Senior Partner
AllBright Law Offices

Tel: +86 139 1621 2478
Email: [email protected]


Practice areas

Domestic and overseas investment; Capital market; Private equity investment; Securitization


Jennifer Wang is senior partner at AllBright Law Offices in Shanghai, focused on mergers and acquisitions, cross-border investments, capital markets, private equity, trust and securitization. In terms of cross-border investments, she advises public and private Chinese companies on domestic and cross-border M&As. Wang also assists clients in applications for initial public offerings in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and elsewhere. In terms of PE investments, she represents clients in dozens of equity investment projects. In the aspect of trust and asset-backed security, Wang has provided legal services for the public issuance of more than ten asset-backed security products, and also for the issuance of trust products for many trust companies.

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