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Wang Li

Lantai Partners

Tel: +86 10 5228 7711
Email: wangli@lantai.cn

Practice areas

Marriage and family affairs; Family wealth management and inheritance; Corporate equity structure and internal governance; Dispute resolution


Wang Li is a partner of Lantai Partners and the leader of Lantai Marriage and Family Wealth Inheritance Team. She is skilled in dealing with domestic and foreign, litigation and non-litigation matters of marriage and family, and has rich experience in family wealth protection and inheritance, company equity structure and internal governance as well as civil and commercial dispute resolution.

Wang provides private legal counsels and wealth inheritance legal services for leaders at the national level, famous stars, company presidents, diplomats, foreign representatives in China and other clients in various fields. Her cases of foreign-related marriage and family matters were selected as classic cases of the court. Every year, she offers nearly 100 courses of lectures about wealth inheritance to high net worth clients of private banks, insurance companies and wealth institutions.

Wang and her team are committed to providing clients with comprehensive legal services regarding financial products integration, investment and immigration, tax planning and other tools as well as customizing family wealth protection and inheritance programs. They undertake family trust affairs for several large family enterprises and help clients successfully realize their core trust purposes of property management and risk isolation under the premise of not losing control of the enterprise. During the 2018 “two sessions”, she received an exclusive interview on the theme of “wealth management and inheritance” of China News Weekly, which was the only hot topic about family wealth inheritance in the journals for representatives of the “two sessions”.

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