APCCA elects leader

Arlene Lapuz Ureta
Arlene Lapuz Ureta

The Asia Pacific Corporate Counsel Alliance (APCCA) has elected Arlene Lapuz Ureta as its new secretary-general, succeeding Reza Topobroto, who had served as secretary-general since 2014. Ureta will hold the role for the next two years.

“I look forward to fulfilling my vision of growing the membership of APCCA to include more in-house counsel associations from the Asia-Pacific region in the future,” said Ureta. “It is truly an honour for me to serve as the APCCA’s secretary-general, and I am most grateful for the trust and confidence bestowed by my colleagues upon me.

“With the support of the APCCA leaders, we plan to have more activities that will be beneficial to the professional advancement of our in-house counsel communities, and that will foster collaboration and co-operation among the lawyers from different jurisdictions,” she said.

Ureta, who is also the president of the Legal Management Council of the Philippines (LMCP), was elected by the leaders of in-house counsel associations in the region, namely the Federation of Indian Corporate Lawyers, the Indonesian Corporate Counsel Association, the Malaysian Corporate Counsel Association, the Singapore Corporate Counsel Association, and the Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri Lanka. The LMCP will also host the next APCCA summit in Manila.

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