ACC updates legal maturity model

ACC Legal maturity tool

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has released its ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model 2.0, reflecting advancements in the maturity of legal departments around the globe across 14 legal operations functions.

Building on the popularity of the original Legal Operations Maturity Model, published in 2017, the updated version combines insights from more than 100 law department leaders via the ACC Legal Operations Interest Groups, as well as contributions from leading practitioners.

The latest update includes innovation management, an increasingly important function not included in the original model. Users can also compare their own team’s performance to the model’s maturity markers to see how they stand against international benchmarks.

Version 2.0 reflects describes early, intermediate and advanced stages of maturity across 14 legal operations functions including: Change management and communication; contract management; eDiscovery; external resources management; financial management; information governance (records management); innovation management; intellectual property management; internal resources management; knowledge management; metrics and analytics; process and project management; strategic planning and legal operations leadership; and technology management.

Broadly, the standards favour streamlined processes, automation, proactive decision-making and changing management practices, and deep integration of the legal team in business-wide planning and operations.

“The pressures on legal departments in the past year have only increased the need for general counsel and their leadership teams to align on operational improvements,” Tanya Khan, vice president and managing director, ACC Australia and Asia-Pacific, told Asia Business Law Journal.

“In a region that is increasingly at the forefront of emerging issues in e-commerce and cross-border transactions, the more robust Legal Operations Maturity Model 2.0 reflects the evolving practices of legal operations delivery, and is an ideal tool for legal departments large and small to continue to drive efficiencies and legal department integration across their organisations,”said Khan.

“Regardless of the size, industry or location of the organisation, this maturity model clarifies the next step in a law department’s maturity. I’m grateful to the ACC members and industry leaders whose observations and experiences helped make this the most up-to-date tool for internal assessments.”

The ACC Legal Operations Maturity Model 2.0, along with a foundational toolkit for members, is available at Subscription