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A-List: Korea 2022

Kim Dong Eun

Lee & Ko

Tel: +82-2-772-4397
Email:  dongeun.kim@leeko.com

Practice areas

Construction; energy & natural resources; project finance & infrastructure; construction litigation; real estate


Dong Eun Kim is leading the Project & Energy Practice Group and co-leading the Construction and Real Estate Practice Group. He has a wealth of experience and expertise in advising for over 20 years on all kinds of inbound and outbound transactions related to social overhead capital, energy and real estate development, construction, operation, financing, investment and restructuration. Dong Eun Kim also works from Lee & Ko PanGyo Office and provides comprehensive and focused advice to meet the progressive needs of industrial innovation and IT companies.

Mr. Kim has experience representing all important project stakeholders such as major project investors, syndicated lenders, project company and government. Since 2014 and over a 3-year span, he has provided advice on about 125 large inbound and outbound projects related to social overhead capital, energy and real estate.

Some noticeable examples of the aforementioned projects include domestic public-private partnerships (PPP), such as the West Suwon-Osan PPP, the Yongin-Seoul PPP, the Eulsuk-do Bridge PPP, the Pusan New Port PPP, as well as overseas PPP, such as the Ivory Coast Abidjan Urban Train Project, ÇANAKKALE Bridge and Highway Project, Kuala Lumpur- Singapore High Speed Rail Project, Tukai Kartanegara Coal Terminal Development Project, New Intercity Fleet Project in New South Wales, Australia, Thi Nghe Wastewater Project in Hochimin, Vietnam and Renewable Energy Project in Guam(Phase II). Also worth mentioning are domestic energy related projects, such as the Poseung community energy project, the Pyeongtaek/ Gimcheon/ Jeonbuk energy project, the Jangmun combined cycle power plant project, the Goseong coal power generation project, the Jeollanam-do Shinan wind power project, as well as overseas energy related projects, which include about 10 Japanese solar projects in Hitachi, Kirishima, Wakayama, Hamada, etc. the wind power project in Tafila, Jordan, the hydro-electric power project in Athmuquam, Pakistan. Domestic real estate projects such as the Pyeongchon G Square Complex acquisition, the Capital Tower sale, as well as overseas real estate projects such as the real estate development projects in Business Bay and Culture Village, Dubai and Bason City, Vietnam, are also to be noted.

Mr. Kim has been selected on numerous occasions as “Leading Lawyer” in the fields of Project Finance/ Energy/ Real Estate by foreign top law firms ranking institutions such as Chambers Asia, Legal 500, etc., and is regarded as one of the finest experts in those areas.

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