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Bharucha & Partners

Total number of professionals: 70 (10 partners)
Principal office: Mumbai
Other office: New Delhi

Key practice areas: Anti-corruption & anti-bribery; arbitration & ADR; aviation; banking & finance; bankruptcy & insolvency; capital markets; competition & antitrust; compliance; corporate & commercial; corporate governance; defence; e-commerce, fintech, blockchain & cryptos; environment; infrastructure; intellectual property; joint ventures; labour & employment; litigation; mergers & acquisitions; power & energy; private client; private equity, venture capital & funds; project finance; real estate; restructuring & insolvency; securitization & structured finance; shipping; succession planning (family office); technology, media and telecommunications; white-collar crime.

Our services: Bharucha & Partners offers a blend of rich experience, creativity, and the energy of youth. Each partner has handled complex commercial transactions or disputes, and each associate shares the partners’ qualities and vision. With 10 partners and 70 associates, we work across practice areas and count leading international and Indian corporate houses, banks, financial institutions, and funds, amongst our clients.

Awards recognition:

  • India Business Law Journal Awards, 2018
  • Chambers Asia-Pacific Asia’s Leading Lawyers, 2018
  • Chambers Global The Clients’ Guide, 2018
  • Legal 500, 2018
  • RSG India Law Firms Ranking, 2017


事务所简介:Bharucha & Partners律师事务所结合丰富的经验、创造力和充沛的精力为客户提供服务。每位合伙人都拥有处理复杂商业交易或纠纷的经验,每位律师都会分享合伙人的质量和视野。我们拥有11位合伙人和70位律师,我们的业务覆盖各个领域,我们的客户包括顶尖的国际和印度公司、银行、金融机构和基金。


事務所概要:Bharucha & Partnersは、豊富な経験、創造性および若さのエネルギーを融合させたサービスを提供します。各パートナーは、複雑な商業取引や紛争を取り扱ってきており、各アソシエイトは、パートナーのクオリティとビジョンを共有しています。11人のパートナーと70人のアソシエイトで、私たちは、各種業務分野にわたって取り組んでおり、クライアントには、海外およびインド国内の一流企業、銀行、金融機関およびファンドが含まれます。

주요 업무 분야: 인수 합병, 기업 구조 조정, 합작 투자, 사모 펀드, 금융, 구조 금융, 프로젝트 및 프로젝트 금융, 자본 시장, 소송, 국제 및 국내 중재, 화이트 칼라 범죄, 지적 재산권, 정보 기술, 언론, 경쟁법, 우주 법 , 부동산, 고용 법, 금융 규제 및 세금 자문.

회사개요: Bharucha & Partners는 풍부한 경험, 창의력 및 젊음의 에너지를 제공하며 각 파트너는 복잡한 상업 거래 또는 분쟁을 처리했으며 각 파트너는 파트너의 자질과 비전을 공유한다. 11 명의 파트너와 70 명의 직원이 근무하는 가운데, 우리는 실무 분야에서 일하고 있으며, 국제적 및 인도의 기업 주택, 은행, 금융 기관 및 고객들 사이의 자금을 선도 한다.


Ensuring liquidation preference to protect investor rights

By Parag Bhide and Mitali Kshatriya, Bharucha & Partners
Investment agreements generally include provisions for liquidation preference. Investors have the right to receive a specific amount before other shareholders on the occurrence of...

Literal or liberal interpretation in extending arbitration

By Sudeshna Guha Roy and Ayush Chaturvedi, Bharucha and Partners
In 2015, section 29A was added to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (act), to provide that the arbitral tribunal must make an award...

Arbitrator still in place despite unilaterally adjusting fees

By Sneha Jaisingh and Zashank Mehta, Bharucha & Partners
Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMR) awarded a public tender to M/s Transtonnelstroy Afcons (JV) (Afcons). Afcons invoked arbitration when disputes arose and a three-member...

Action needed on lack of SIDI neutrality

By Vandana Pai and Priankita Das, Bharucha & Partners
In December 2022, the Standing Committee on Finance (committee) issued a report on Anti-Competitive Practices by Big Tech Companies (report). The report highlighted issues...
insurance enticing prospect investorsvideo

Insurance is an enticing prospect for investors

By Swathi Girimaji and Sajeev Srivatsava, Bharucha & Partners
Despite the headwinds that reduced private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) activity in India in the past year, the insurance sector has continued...


Alka Bharucha
MP Bharucha


Alka Bharucha
MP Bharucha


Alka Bharucha
MP Bharucha
Vivek Vashi

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Cecil Court, 4th Floor
MK Bhushan Marg, Colaba
Mumbai – 400 039, India
T: +91 22 2289 9300
Contact: MP Bharucha

New Delhi
Equity Mansion
R-1, Nehru Enclave
New Delhi – 110 019, India
T: +91 11 4593 9300
Contact: DP Singh

MP Bharucha
T: +91 22 2289 9300
E: mp.bharucha@bharucha.in

Alka Bharucha
T: +91 22 6132 3900
E: alka.bharucha@bharucha.in

DP Singh
T: +91 11 4593 9300
E: dp.singh@bharucha.in

Vandana Pai
T: +91 80 4614 2724
E: vandana.pai@bharucha.in


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