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Tel:+62 817 118 878
Email: nur.pradata@lawghp.com

Practice areas

Corporate & commercial; inbound investment; joint ventures; labour & employment; M&A


Nur Eka Pradata, an esteemed partner at GHP Law Firm, boasts an impressive portfolio specialising in corporate & M&A, employment, and commercial contracts. Recognised as one of Indonesia’s 50 Future Legal Leaders 2023, Pradata stands as an example of legal excellence, consistently achieving noteworthy milestones throughout his illustrious career.

Pradata’s legal acumen radiates in his diverse array of accomplishments. From orchestrating significant acquisitions for prominent international entities in Indonesia to skilfully navigating complex share purchases and increase capital transactions for esteemed clients like Hack Japan Holdings, his contributions have left an indelible mark on the legal landscape. Pradata’s pivotal role in the seamless acquisition of Indonesian companies by global giants such as Tenma Group further underscores his profound impact and invaluable expertise.

Yet, it is not only his professional achievements that set Pradata apart; it is his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and dedication to providing pragmatic solutions that truly distinguish him. Renowned for his responsiveness, reliability, and unparalleled legal insight, Pradata has garnered widespread acclaim from clients across various sectors. His ability to navigate intricate legal matters with precision and finesse has earned him the trust and admiration of colleagues
and clients.

In the ever-evolving legal arena, Pradata stands as a pillar of excellence, exemplifying the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. With each successful endeavour, he reaffirms his position as a trusted advisor and invaluable asset to GHP Law Firm and the broader legal community.

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