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Pramual Chancheewa, Pramuanchai Law Office

Pramual Chancheewa

Pramuanchai Law Office


Tel: +66 2219 2155 – 60
Email: pmclaw@cscoms.com

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Practice areas

Shipping, marine insurance, non-marine insurance, aviation, dispute resolution


Founder and senior partner and managing director of Pramuanchai Law Office, Pramual’s wide range of expertise includes various commercial laws, marine and non-marine insurance, shipping and aviation claims, including collision and oil pollution claims.

He has played an active role in drafting Thai laws on shipping, maritime, transport and insurance. He has contributed a significant part in drafting many local insurance policies such as fire insurance, inland cargo, carrier’s liability, MTO’s liability insurance and product liability.

Pramual regularly gives lectures at conferences, seminars, academic institutions and prestigious universities in Thailand. His academic work has earned him a professorship in mercantile marine. His professorship was officially announced in the Royal Gazette in 2009.

He is also the author of 14 handbooks and textbooks on marine and non-marine insurance, transport and logistics.

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