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Wang Dong

Wang Dong

Globe-Law Law Firm

Tel: +86 138 1155 5981
Email: wangdong@globe-law.com

Practice areas

Intellectual property; Litigation; Patent


Wang Dong is a partner and patent attorney at Beijing Globe-Law Law Firm. He specialises in patent prosecution in the technical fields of electronics, electrical, the internet, etc. Wang is particularly well-experienced at conducting patent prosecution, patent invalidation and litigation, and constructing patent technical barriers from the perspective of product technology.

In terms of patent prosecution, Wang has drafted and reviewed more than 1,000 patents in the following technological fields: electromechanics, for Emerson, Bose and Branson Ultrasonics (Shanghai); electronics, for Infineon, MEMS (micro-electronical systems companies?) and One Connect (Shenzhen); electrical, for

ABB, Schneider, One Sky (Anhui); telecommunications, for Nokia, ZTE and Beihang UAV (Beijing); computers, for EMC, Adobe and Accenture; and the internet, for Google, Didi and HHO (Hangzhou).

Wang has also served in the patents process for various renowned universities, including Beihang University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Macau University of Science and Technology.

In terms of patent invalidation and litigation, Wang has presided or participated in more than 100 cases in the following infringement products and product categories: industrial design, such as cake stands, bike transmissions and electrical toothbrushes; small appliances such as drones, electric curtain slides and food waste disposers; large devices such as ATMs, preform molding machines and hot metal solid rollers; high-risk equipment such as high-voltage fault handling equipment, wind turbine web positioning equipment; as well as operation methods such as face-ID unlocking methods and QR code analysing methods.

Wang wrote The Use of Environment Features in Patent Claims, which was named one of the Top 10 essays at the Forum on Intellectual Property Law and Practice in China and the All China Lawyers Association Intellectual Property Committee Annual Conference 2019. He is also among China Business Law Journal‘s 2023 list of “rising stars”.

Before joining Beijing Globe-Law, Wang worked at Beijing King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm and Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property.

Wang completed his Master of IP Laws at Renmin University in 2018, Master of Engineering at Beihang University in 2008, and Bachelor of Engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005. He is working on his Doctor of IP Laws at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. His professional languages are Chinese and English.

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