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China’s new Patent Law introduces open licence scheme, Qi Yongqiang, Partner and patent attorney, Corner Stone & Partners

China’s new Patent Law introduces open licence scheme

By Qi Yongqiang, Corner Stone & Partners

A patent right is an exclusive right that no one may exploit without consent from the patentee. However, most patentees do not just want to monopolise their patented technologies, but hope to license their patents for profit from exploitation by others

Balancing commercial considerations with consumer interests, Shreya Sircar, Bharucha & Partners

Balancing commercial considerations with consumer interests

By Shreya Sircar and Ishita Jain, Bharucha & Partners
The role of offshore in Chinese SPAC transactions, Matt Roberts, Maples Group

The role of offshore in Chinese SPAC transactions

By Matt Roberts, Maples Group


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Vaccinating your staff

Vaccinating your staff? What you need to know

The government has allowed the private sector to step in and vaccinate staff. Pharma legal expert Shantanu Mukherjee and co-author Sampreetha Kumar explain how to navigate setting up a vaccination facility for your employees


Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers

Asia Business Law Journal presents its A-List of the top 100 lawyers practising in Indonesia

panacea or problem

Panacea or problem?

SPACS have generated tremendous interest in India, but are these re-emerging investment tools really a practical alternative to IPOs and a panacea for reviving capital markets? And just how tightly should they be regulated?


Korea’s top 100 lawyers

Following an extensive nomination process, Asia Business Law Journal reveals the A-List of the country’s legal profession

Fighting fund

Fighting fund

Litigation financing has found favour in developed markets, but Asian jurisdictions remain guarded. With Hong Kong and Singapore leading the way, will others follow?