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CLOs say compliance, data privacy among top priorities: ACC survey

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has published its 2023 Chief Legal Officers Survey (CLO Survey) offering key insights into future legal department operations and priorities

Who’s listening?

Experts are doubting the validity of and calling for changes to cybersecurity directives from India’s CERT-In body

Steering the ESG shift

For general counsel, embracing responsible governance may not be easy but it is the right thing to do, writes Mike Madden, global board chair of the association of corporate counsel

ACC report finds increasing role for CLOs in cybersecurity

Company chief legal officer’s (CLO) roles and responsibilities are expanding with growth seen in cybersecurity strategy and oversight, says a report released by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Foundation.

Cybersecurity in Taiwan

By Jackson Huang Shuai-Sheng, Formosa Transnational

Cybersecurity in China

By Vincent Wang, Global Law Office

Are you being watched?

The use of tracing apps to prevent the spread of the covid-19 has raised serious privacy and security concerns


Shedding light on emerging jurisprudence in cybersecurity and data protection in China, India, Indonesia and Taiwan

Home and safe?

Home and safe?

Home & safe?

Analysing the cybersecurity risks posed to businesses by a remote workforce as companies have rushed to implement work-from-home policies

Keeping up with latest technologies in Indonesia

By Enrico Iskandar and Debu Batara Lubis, Bagus Enrico & Partners

Singapore law and the frontiers of technology

By Ronald JJ Wong, Covenant Chambers

New dawn



Trademark infringement issuesvideo

Trademark infringement issues with gift promotions

By Tan Qiaosha, Sanyou Intellectual Property Agency
cookie use in Indiavideo

Cookie use in India: A legal vacuum

By Mathew Chacko, Aadya Misra and Shambhavi Mishra, Spice Route Legal

On the money

Bankruptcy reorganisation: investment window

Bankruptcy reorganisation: revealing an investment window

By Zheng Guofan, W&H Law Firm


TFCD guidelines on climate change

TCFD is not storm in a teacup

By Soumya De Mallik, Unnati Goel, Prithviraj Chauhan and Meeval Mariam Varghese, HSA Advocates
Financial leasing by transfers of assets

Financial leasing through gratuitous transfers of assets

By Xu Rundong, AnJie & Broad Law Firm
Artificial intelligence’s impact on legal industry

Artificial intelligence’s impact on legal industry

By Jaya Negi and Yudhajeet Sinha, Anand and Anand
legal risks of deemed exportsvideo

Legal risks of ‘one-day trip’ into SCSZs for deemed exports

By Wang Yongliang, AllBright Law Offices

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