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Mahesh Agarwal


Mahesh Agarwal

Agarwal Law Associates
New Delhi

Tel: +91 11 4220 0000
Email: mahesh.agarwal@aglaw.in

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Practice areas

Arbitration & ADR; bankruptcy & insolvency; litigation


Mahesh Agarwal is a highly accomplished legal professional with more than 30 years of experience, currently serving as the managing partner of Agarwal Law Associates (ALA), a prominent full service law firm headquartered in Delhi.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, specialising in commerce and economics. He further honed his legal acumen with a law degree from the Government Law College, Mumbai, gaining insights into the legal intricacies prevalent in the commercial capital of India.

In his role as managing partner at ALA, Mahesh has showcased exceptional leadership, steering the firm to a position of prominence, particularly in the arena of dispute resolution. His expertise extends across various legal domains, including insolvency, arbitration, commercial, banking, intellectual property and regulatory disputes, with a notable focus on sectors such as energy, mining and telecoms.

A recipient of accolades from leading organisations, Mahesh has successfully represented Fortune 500 companies in diverse courts and tribunals across India. His significant contributions to the legal profession have been recognised, underscoring his prowess in corporate and commercial law. Notable achievements include his successful defence of the Adani Group in a landmark case related to the IGST imposition on CIF agreements, as well as representing Ultratech in a pivotal matter concerning the allotment of land for limestone mining.

Beyond the courtroom, he demonstrates versatility by providing strategic legal advice for risk mitigation and litigation strategy. His proficiency is further exemplified by handling assignments for select state governments, showcasing a holistic and impactful approach to legal practice. In summary, Mahesh’s extensive experience, leadership capabilities, and notable achievements position him as a distinguished professional in the legal landscape, particularly in the realms of corporate law and dispute resolution.

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