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Liu Zhenghe

Liu Zhenghe

AnJie Broad

Tel: +86 10 8567 2966
Email: liuzhenghe@anjielaw.com

Practice areas

Labour & employment; Banking & finance; Healthcare & life sciences; Insurance & reinsurance


Zhenghe Liu has specialised in the theoretical research and practice of employment, social security and labour union laws since 2000. He serves as a regular labour legal counsel for more than 30 renowned multinational corporations, internet technology companies, state-owned enterprises and joint-stock companies. He has advised quite a number of large-scale enterprises and conglomerates in the formulation and revision of internal rules and regulations, the drafting of human resources compliance guidelines, and employee layoffs and settlement in M&A and reorganisation. He has served clients from a wide spectrum of industries including energy, aviation and space, automobile, finance, telecommunications, internet technology, film and television, biomedical and life sciences, chemicals, machine manufacturing, education, etc.

Liu has extensive experience in labour disputes resolution, having represented clients in hundreds of arbitration and litigation cases. He is especially adept in dealing with difficult cases involving non-competition restrictions, corporate compliance management, collective disputes, etc. Liu was the director of the legal department of the Legal Service Centre of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions and a public lawyer at the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions for several years, in charge of guiding labour disputes mediation in the Beijing municipality, dealing with serious group disputes, and participating in the formulation of labour legislation. He has also worked as the head of employee relations of the human resources department at the headquarters of a well-known life insurance company, responsible for drafting employment management documents, rules and regulations, and guiding all departments in resolving labour disputes. His experience has given him considerable knowledge in human resources management in large-scale enterprises.

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