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Jia Weiheng

Jia Weiheng

Han Kun Law Offices

Tel: +86 21 6080 0396
Email: weiheng.jia@hankunlaw.com

Practice areas

M&A; Corporate compliance; Antitrust and competition; Labour and employment


Jia Weiheng is licensed to practice law in China, New York State, and before the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. In more than 20 years of practice in China and the US, he has focused on cross-border M&A, regulatory compliance, labour and employment. With about seven years of legal education in Japan and more than four years of practice in the US, he is one of the few lawyers in China who can truly practice law in Chinese, Japanese and English. Blessed by his unique multicultural background and strong trilingual language skills, Jia has extensive experience in representing multinational corporations from the US, UK, Japan and the EU nations, among others.

Jia has represented corporate clients on deals involving M&A, formation and dissolution of joint ventures, and disposal of assets or business lines. Among these representations, more than half involved Chinese state-owned enterprises, including some national-level strategic projects. He is highly regarded by his clients for his practical and innovative problem-solving skills.

Jia has substantial experience in advising on regulatory and compliance matters, including anti-bribery and business ethics, anti-monopoly/unfair competition, data security and protection. His services include establishing and implementing compliance policies and programs, compliance trainings, conducting internal audit/health checks, investigations into suspicious employee activities, and taking post-investigation actions.

He is one of the few independent compliance monitors in China recognised by multilateral development banks, including the World Bank Group and Asia Development Bank. He has assisted many Chinese companies meet the compliance criteria of those banks and successfully had them released from multilateral bank sanctions.

In labour and employment law practice, Jia is particularly known for his experience in mass layoffs. He has led high-profile redundancy cases, some involving more than 2,000 employees. He is also experienced in replacing top management, and in labour union and employee strikes.

Prior to Han Kun, Mr. Jia was the national leader of Deloitte Legal Greater China and the national managing partner of Qin Li Law Firm, a member of the Deloitte Legal global network. While practicing as a partner at top tier US-based international law firm Squire Potton Boggs, he also served as the general counsel and chief compliance officer for a state-owned Chinese stock exchange-listed enterprise group, and was the China senior legal counsel and compliance officer for a top tier US corporate group.

Academically, he holds a LLM from George Washington University Law School; Master of Law degree from the Graduate School of Law, Osaka City University; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law from Osaka City University.

Jia’s honours and awards include the A-List of China’s elite 100 lawyers for 2021, by China Business Law Journal, and he was on the notable practitioners list of 2021~2023 by the International Financial Law Review.

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