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Policy on advertising, sponsorship and editorial independence

In addition to its independent editorial content, this website may contain some paid advertisements/listings and sponsored content. All articles in the “Correspondents” section of this website and any other articles labelled “Practitioner’s perspective” or “In perspective” are sponsored by the law firm or organization credited. However, the content of such articles has been appraised and edited by Vantage Asia’s editors. Advertisements and listings have not been edited by Vantage Asia’s editors and no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of any information they contain. All other content on this website, including articles, features, rankings, awards, quotations, photographs and illustrations, is fully independent editorial that has been written, commissioned or selected by Vantage Asia’s editors on purely editorial grounds. Vantage Asia values and upholds the editorial independence and integrity of all its publications and never accepts payment for inclusion in its independent editorial content. This policy is upheld at all times.

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