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India Business Law Journal - June 2011

Volume 5, Issue 1

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In this issue

FDI in LLPs: an unchartered voyage

By Kartikeya Singh and Raghuveer Sarathy, Phoenix Legal
Ameya Khandge,Anoop Vasu,Trilegal

Guidelines on credit default swaps for corporate bonds

By Ameya Khandge and Anoop Vasu, Trilegal

Trouble at the border?

A growing number of inbound investment deals are being subjected to rigorous and long-drawn-out national security reviews

Uday Walia,Brajendu Bhaskar,S&R Associates

Option agreements in India

By Uday Walia and Brajendu Bhaskar, S&R Associates

Mixed signals

The introduction of India’s competition law has been marred by contradictions

Inder Mohan Singh,Mayuri Roy,Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co

FDI and convertible instruments: trial and error

By Inder Mohan Singh and Mayuri Roy, Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co
Stuart Walker,Nazanin Aleyaseen,Afridi & Angell

Labour and employment relations

By Stuart Walker and Nazanin Aleyaseen, Afridi & Angell
Suchitra Chitale,Managing partner,Chitale & Chitale Partners

Controlling mergers and acquisitions

By Suchitra Chitale, Chitale & Chitale Partners

To notify or not to notify?

Delano Furtado of Trilegal explains how ambiguities in the regulations have created uncertainties about exemptions

Deepti Mohan,Partner,Vidhii Partners

Going green: energy efficient buildings for the future

By Deepti Mohan, Vidhii Partners
Claire MC Kennedy,Darrel H Pearson,Bennett Jones LLP

Transfer pricing: trade and investment in Canada

By Claire MC Kennedy and Darrel H Pearson, Bennett Jones LLP
Kamakhya Srivastava,Lex Orbis IP Practice

Compulsory licences in offing for generic drug makers

By Kamakhya Srivastava, Lex Orbis IP Practice
Subhayu Chatterjee,Associate,Khaitan & Co

The delisting regime in India

By Subhayu Chatterjee, Khaitan & Co
Omkar Goswami CERG Advisory Private Limited

Raising the bar

Company directors must do more than simply ‘tick boxes’ if they are to raise the standard of corporate governance in India

Leading the field

IBLJ reveals the frontrunners in the race for India-related work

Arbitral awards: estimating the period of limitations

By Bidan Chandran and Pooja Kanal, Singhania & Partners
Udayan Choksi,Divya Jeswant,Economic Laws Practice

Service tax for SEZs: further clarifications

By Udayan Choksi and Divya Jeswant, Economic Laws Practice
Saurabh Bhasin,Sahiba Chait,Trilegal

Guarantee backed project finance bonds

By Saurabh Bhasin and Sahiba Chait, Trilegal

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