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ESTABLISHED IN APRIL 2010 始创于2010年4月
Executive Committee: Su Huiyu, Zhang Jincheng, Lv Yan, Miao Guanzhong, Ni Jianlin
Number of partners: 32
Number of associates: 92
执行委员会: 苏惠渔,张金成,吕琰,缪贯中,倪建林
现有合伙人: 32
现有律师: 92

Firm Overview: SG&CO LAWYERS is merged and reformed from several renowned law firms and legal teams for the provision of quality, efficient and practical legal services for the construction of Shanghai World Financial Centre and Shanghai International Shipping Centre. SG&CO LAWYERS is also committed to providing professional legal services and launching legal studies, especially in the area of Finance & Security, Corporation Law, International Investment and Trade, Shipping Law, and Dispute Resolution.

SG&CO LAWYERS is led by several renowned legal professors and scholars who have graduated from prestigious schools of law, both in China and abroad. SG&CO LAWYERS’ attorneys are also capable of handling other professional issues including International Trade, Finance, Real Estate and Construction, Industrial and Commercial Management, Accounting and Taxation, etc. As the most precious treasures of SG&CO, several senior partners with more than 20 years of practising experience and elite lawyers with high-quality and efficient competence ensure that our services for our clients are of international standard.

Key Practice Areas:

1 Asset-backed securitization and financial;

2 Bank, insurance, fund and trust legal affairs;

3 Securities issuance and listing;

4 Private equity;

5 International trade settlement legal service;

6 WTO dispute legal service;

7 Enterprise restructuring, Insolvency & liquidation;

8 Advisory services for companies and government;

9 Legal service for real estate and construction;

10 Dry shipping litigation/arbitration; Admiralty and crisis management; Shipping rights; and Maritime insurance..






1 资产证券化与金融衍生工具;

2 银行、保险、基金、信托法律事务;

3 证券发行与上市;

4 私募股权投资;

5 国际贸易与结算业务;

6 WTO 争端解决;

7 公司重组与改制 、公司破产与清算;

8 公司与政府法律顾问;

9 房地产与建筑工程法律服务;

10 海商纠纷、海事纠纷、船舶权利、海商保险。

The dual SPV: tips on how to proceed during policy transition

By Lawrence Lu, SG&CO PRC
At a press conference held on 8 March 2014, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) stated it would comprehensively spur the extensive development of...

Financial pan-asset management in a changing legal environment

By Lawrence Lu and Huang Ying, SG&CO PRC Lawyers
China’s Trust Law was implemented on 1 October 2001. In the subsequent 10 years, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) issued a series of...

Recent models for financial leasing companies to securitise assets

By Lawrence Lu, SG&Co PRC
Lease financing, a modern transaction method combining financing and asset financing, trade and technical services together, has become a new sector and important component...

Development and legal structure of the asset securitisation market

By Lawrence Lu, SG&CO PRC Lawyers
The term “asset securitisation” means a structured method of financing where the sponsor sells assets, or a portfolio of assets, that lack liquidity but...

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