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ETR Law Firm

ETR Law Firm

Managing Partner: Xiaohua Wang
Number of partners: 111
Number of associates: 379

Firm Overview

ETR Law Firm, established in 1993, is one of the earliest law firms to adopt a partnership in Guangdong province. Merged with other outstanding law firms in 2012, it took the lead in adopting a special general partnership in Guangdong. It has moved to the new location at K11, the tallest building in Guangzhou, with more than 7,000m2 working area. The pace of pursuit never stops.

The head office of ETR is located in Guangzhou, a central city of China. And it has offices situated in Wuhan (Hubei), Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Qingyuan, Foshan, Nansha Free Trade Zone, Baiyun district (Guangzhou), Zhuhai, Tokyo (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand) and Los Angeles (U.S.A). It is also establishing offices in London, Toronto, Shanghai, Nanjing and Qionghai (Hainan). It has geographical advantage being located in the Greater Bay Area and can provide national and global services. ETR has a professional legal service team of nearly 500, including senior lawyers and experts, and keeps good relationships with all different kinds of professional entities.

Its working languages include Chinese, English, Japanese, Germany and Korean.

Quality and efficiency are its priorities. ETR is well positioned to provide accurate advice with high quality and efficiency. It is strongly supported by its well-established system and scientific management mechanisms. Meanwhile, the interests of its client are guaranteed by strict adherence to its confidentiality standards and risk control systems.

ETR has won many accolades such as the National Civilized Legal Service Window, Ministerial-Level Civilized Law Firm, National Outstanding Law Firm, Brand 1 Law Firm in Local Corporation and Commercial Practice Area of the Year (Chambers & Partners), South China Law Firm of the Year (ALB), Top 30 biggest Law Firms (ALB), Top 10 Fastest Growing Law Firms (ALB), Law firm of the year (Guangdong) (CBLJ), Structured Finance & Securitization (PRC Law Firm) (CBLJ), Top 10 best Law Firms (Guangzhou)(GZLA) and was the only perennial legal counsel of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games.

Espousing “efficiency, trust and responsibility” as its core value, it constantly explores, innovates and progresses, and so it has become the biggest law firm in Southern China and one of the leading International law firms in the country.

Key Practice Areas:

Finance; Insurance and taxation; Securities and capital markets; Investment and mergers and acquisitions; Private equity and venture capital; Intellectual property; Corporate governance and business models; Corporate and project risk management; Real estate and infrastructure construction; Belt and Road Initiative international trade; New energy; Natural resources and environmental protection; Energy and public utilities; Government and public affairs; Fair trade and antitrust; Personal consultants; Litigation; Arbitration and dispute resolution, etc.

Contact us

10 & 29/F, Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre
No. 6 Zhujiang Dong Road
Tianhe District
Guangzhou 510623, China
Telephone: +86 20 3718 1333
Fax: +86 20 3718 1388
Email: etr@etrlawfirm.com

Wuhan • Shenzhen • Zhongshan
Dongguan • Qingyuan • Foshan • Nansha
Baiyun District (Guangzhou) • Zhuhai
Tokyo • Bangkok • Los Angeles

Website: www.etrlawfirm.cn


主任: 王晓华
现有合伙人: 111
现有律师: 379


广信君达律师事务所成立于1993年, 是广东省最早成立的合伙制律师事务所之一;2012年11月,广信君达成为在广东率先采用特殊的普通 合伙形式的首家律师事务所;2017年6月,广信君达入驻广州第一高楼——广州周大福金融中心,办公面积超过7,000m2;追求的步伐永不停歇……


广信君达拥有一支近500名由资深律师、专家学者 领衔组成的专业法律服务团队,与各类专业服务 机构保持着良好的合作关系。


广信君达采用公司化的管理与运营模式,完善的 制度与机制、科学的管理与专业支撑系统,严格的客户保密规范,有效的风险质量控制体系,为优质、高效服务客户提供了有力保障。

广信君达以优秀的律师队伍,优质的法律服务, 规范的运营管理,获得了中宣部、司法部“全国法律服务行业文明服务窗口”、司法部“部级文明律师 事务所”、全国律协“全国优秀律师事务所”、 《钱伯斯》中国地区公司/商事法年度第一序列律所、《亚洲法律杂志》“中国南部最佳律师事务所” “亚洲三十大律所”“年度发展最快十佳律所”、 《商法》“中国(广东)卓越大奖律所”、“中国资产 证券化法律年度大奖律所”及广州律协“广州市 十佳律师事务所”等多项荣誉,是第十六届广州 亚运会组委会唯一常年法律顾问。

广信君达以“效率、信任、责任”为核心价值,不断 探索、创新、进取,努力打造成为华南地区首屈 一指、全国行业排名前列的国际性专业化律师事 务所。




邮编 510623
电话: +86 20 3718 1333
传真: +86 20 3718 1388
邮箱: etr@etrlawfirm.com

武汉 • 深圳 • 中山 • 东莞 • 清远
佛山 • 南沙 • 广州白云区 • 珠海
东京 • 曼谷 • 洛杉矶

网站: www.etrlawfirm.cn

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