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AnJie Law Firm

Managing Partner: Zhan Hao
Number of partners: 41
Number of associates: 180

Firm Overview

AnJie Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm providing full legal services on an international basis. We have extensive experience and marked achievements in many professional areas. Since our establishment, AnJie has undergone rapid growth, and now has more than 300 professionals and supporting staff across Beijing and its three branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong (joint venture).

As successful practitioners in their fields, AnJie partners have prominent experience and legal excellence. They are graduates of prestigious schools in the People’s Republic of China and abroad, and are holders of JD, LLM, PhD and other advanced professional degrees. Some of them have conducted post-doctoral research in their specialized fields. Our partners have obtained professional qualifications from China, the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and other jurisdictions. The majority have practised in leading international law firms and have accrued many years of experience before joining AnJie. Some have worked in national ministries and in international organizations, and have built their careers maintaining harmonious connections with government bodies and international organizations. Our professionals are capable of providing legal services directly in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.

We have accumulated a wide range of clients from various industries including real estate, finance, manufacturing, communications, information technology, healthcare, tourism, food and energy. We provide end-to-end local services to numerous Fortune 500 companies and develop tailored solutions to large state-owned and private enterprises from China.

Adhering to the motto of “Dedicated to Excellence”, AnJie lawyers deliver seamless services in different areas based on their outstanding practice skills and professionalism, and have won broad recognition. Our achievements and our lawyers are recommended in their respective markets by international ranking institutions and legal media such as China Business Law Journal, Chambers and Partners, Who’s Who Legal, The Legal 500, Asian Legal Business, and more.

Key Practice Areas:

Insurance & reinsurance; Intellectual property; Antitrust & competition law; Private equity & venture capital; Dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration); Domestic and cross-border mergers & acquisitions; Outbound investment; Capital markets & securities; Banking & finance; Employment; TMT; Private wealth management; Corporate governance and compliance.

Contact us

19/F, Tower D1
Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building
19 Dongfang East Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100600, China

Telephone: +86 10 85675988/66
Fax: +86 10 8567 5999
Contact: Zhan Hao
Email: zhanhao@anjielaw.com

33/F, K Wah Centre
1010 Central Huaihai Road
Shanghai 200031, China

Telephone: +86 21 2422 4888/66
Fax: +86 21 2422 4800
Contact: Cai Hang
Email: caihang@anjielaw.com

38/F, Tower 3, Kerry Plaza
No 1-1 Zhongxinsi Road, Futian District
Shenzhen 518048, China

Telephone: +86 755 8285 0609
Fax: +86 755 8285 0605
Contact: Catherine Guo
Email: catherine.guo@anjielaw.com

Hong Kong
Hwang Hauzen LLP
Unit 3708, 37/F, Tower Two Lippo Centre
89 Queensway, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 3798 3200
Fax: +852 3798 3201
Contact: Clare Li
Email : admin@hauzen.hk

Website www.anjielaw.com


管理合伙人: 詹昊
现有合伙人: 41
现有律师: 180


安杰律师事务所是一家提供商业法律服务的综合性律师事务所,在多个专业领域拥有 丰富的法律服务经验和卓越的业绩。自成立以来,安杰发展迅速并在北京、上海、深圳和香港(联营)设有办公室,拥有300多名经验丰富的专业人士。

安杰律师团队乃实践经验和理论基础并重。安杰律师获得中国、美国、英国、德国、澳大利亚、日本等国著名法学院的法学学位,具有硕士、博士学位及其他高级职称,多名合伙人曾经从事过相关专业的博士后研究工作。安杰律师具有多国律师专业资格。加入 安杰之前,多位合伙人拥有长期在国外知名律师 事务所工作的经历,部分合伙人曾在中华人民共和国相关部委、司法机构、国际组织任职,与这些机构 始终保持着良好的沟通渠道。我们的服务语言为 中文、英文、韩文、日文等。

安杰拥有广泛的客户群体。我们为数十家世界五百强企业提供本地化综合法律服务,并为上百家大型国企和民营企业量身定做符合企业需求的法律服务 方案。我们的客户来自房地产、金融、制造业、 通讯、信息技术、医疗、旅游、食品、能源等各个行业。

秉承“因为专业,所以杰出”的理念,安杰律师 凭借高超的业务水平和出色的专业素养,为客户 提供多领域的无缝法律服务,获得高度评价,并得到同行和第三方机构的广泛好评。安杰及安杰律师连续多年被钱伯斯(Chambers and Partners)、Who’s Who Legal、Legal 500、《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)、 《商法》等相关国际法律评级机构与专业刊物评定为专业领域的优秀律所和重点推荐律师。




邮编 100600
电话: +86 10 85675988/66
传真: +86 10 8567 5999
联系人: 詹昊
邮箱: zhanhao@anjielaw.com

邮编 200031
电话: +86 21 2422 4888/66
传真: +86 21 2422 4800
联系人: 蔡航
邮箱: caihang@anjielaw.com

邮编 518048
电话: +86 755 8285 0609
传真: +86 755 8285 0605
联系人: 郭静莲
邮箱: catherine.guo@anjielaw.com

Hwang Hauzen LLP
电话: +852 3798 3200
传真: +852 3798 3201
邮箱: admin@hauzen.hk

网站 www.anjielaw.com

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He Jing

Dong Xiao
He Jing

Cai Hang
Michael Gu
Zhan Hao

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