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Established in 2010 始创于2010
Managing Partner: Mohamad Kadri
Number of partners: 5
Number of associates: 30
执行合伙人: Mohamad Kadri
现有合伙人: 5
现有律师: 30

Firm overview: AKSET was established in 2010 by four experienced Indonesian lawyers: Dea, Kadri, Johannes and Abi, with the vision of creating an international-calibre Indonesian law firm. While AKSET is recognized internationally for our work in the capital investment, project finance, mergers & acquisitions, natural resources and energy sectors, we are a full service law firm with a solid track record in all corporate practice areas, from infrastructure and financial services, capital markets and employment to bankruptcy and settling disputes. From six lawyers in 2010 to a team of 35 lawyers in 2017, AKSET’s growth has exceeded even our own expectations. We continue to grow because we deliver satisfaction – clients trust us, and they trust our work.

Our lawyers represent clients from around the globe throughout their professional careers, but our ability to serve the international community grew even stronger in 2014, when we began a co-operation relationship with a major Japanese law firm, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (MHM). The Japan Desk is our first stop in realizing our Firm vision: We Go Beyond Indonesia.

事务所简介:AKSET由Dea、Kadri、Johannes和 Abi四位经验丰富的印尼律师于2010年创立。AKSET在资本投资、项目融资、并购、自然资源和能源领域的工作在国际上受到认可,是一家提供全方位法律服务的律所,业务领域包括基建和金融服务、资本市场、就业、破产及争议解决。从2010年六名律师的团队发展到2017年拥有35名律师,AKSET的发展甚至超出了我们自己的想象。我们为客户提供满意的服务,客户信任我们,信任我们的工作,因此我们会不断继续发展。


Contact us 联系我们

Jakarta 雅加达
The Plaza Office Tower 29th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
Telephone 电话 +62 21 2992 1515
Fax 传真 +62 21 2992 1515

Contact 联系人
Mr. Mohamad Kadri
(Managing Partner 管理合伙人)
Email 邮箱 mkadri@aksetlaw.com

Contact 联系人
Ms Arfidea D. Saraswati
(Marketing Partner 市场合伙人)
Email 邮箱 asaraswati@aksetlaw.com

Website 网站 www.aksetlaw.com

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