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Welcome improvements

Upgrades to India’s IP regime are alleviating some of the concerns of rights owners, says Mark Robertson of Hilton Worldwide

What has gone wrong with arbitration?

Sidharth Sharma of Tata argues that it has become a clone of the system it intended to replace

Delays ahead?

Inadequate expertise in the legal profession may create roadblocks in the infrastructure sector

India in 2011

Business and legal professionals share their hopes and fears for the year ahead

The right to know

Good politics, bad economics

Obama’s new tax rules and employment restrictions will drive away skilled Indian professionals and harm American businesses

Look before you leap

Many of Vedanta’s problems in India are self-inflicted and largely caused by poor due diligence, argues Ngangom Junior Luwang

Corporate counsel checklist

Hitesh Mehra offers critical tips for lawyers on striking successful partnerships with in-house counsel

For profit or for principle?

Many law graduates are more interested in money than in discovering the thrills of their profession

Democratic disdain

By Pradeep Dinodia, SR Dinodia & Co Chartered Accountants

Carbon credits are no panacea

Climate change must be tackled with local laws, argues Chandran Nair

A shrill discord

Indian lawyers are fighting a rear-guard battle against globalization, argues prominent commentator and former regional editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review

Rules of engagement

By Ashok Sharma, MMTC

Keeping the house in order

In-house legal teams should be structured and managed in a way that makes them indispensable to the business, says MR Prasanna of Aditya Birla

No trespassing!

The entry of foreign law firms will create havoc and undermine the “noble heritage” of the profession in India, says Lalit Bhasin, president of the Society of Indian Law Firms.

Most Popular

In-house Counsel Awards 2022

IBLJ recognises the most commended general counsel, their in-house teams and the splendid work done by them

Lalit Bhasin interviewvideo

Man on a mission

Lalit Bhasin talks to IBLJ about completing 60 years in law, leading many associations, retirement and more

The A-List 2022-23

The leading lawyers and icons most recommended by clients

The business of billing

As clients get savvier, law firms face pressure to lower their fees


india green data centre

The future of green data centres in India

By Purusharth Singh and Akshay Arvind Nair, Kochhar & Co.

Moving from dot-com courts to bot courts

By Shilpa Gamnani and Harsh Buch, TMT Law Practice
Incentive structures for startup promotersvideo

How to keep startup promoters on board

By Swathi Girimaji and Sachit Ram, Bharucha & Partners


In-house Counsel Awards 2022

IBLJ recognises the most commended general counsel, their in-house teams and the splendid work done by them

In-house counsel turn-offs with law firmsvideo

What clients really want

India Budget 2023

Budget 2023: Proposed changes

Tax-focused law firm Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan discuss the significant amendments proposed in the budget

Practitioner’s perspectives

Rainbow judgment on IBC

Rainbow Papers judgment: Clouds loom over IBC

By Soumitra Majumdar and Utkarsh Bandhu, JSA
India's pre-grant opposition process review

Time for pre-grant opposition process review

By Archana Shanker, Anand & Anand

Rising prominence of store layouts in IP disputes

By Prachi Agarwal and Mishthi Dubey, Anand & Anand

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