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Applicability of fringe benefit tax to liaison offices in India

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri,KR Chawla & Co

Ruling clarifies obligations for seconded employees

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri,KR Chawla & Co

Permanent establishment determined by contracts

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri,KR Chawla & Co

Offshore deals may be taxable in India

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri,KR Chawla & Co

Interest on convertible debentures is taxable

By Sumes Dewan and Shradha Puri,KR Chawla & Co

Taxing consultancy services in India

By Sumes Dewan,KR Chawla & Co

Supreme Court decision settles double tax question

By Sumes Dewan, KR Chawla & Co

Fine payments may not be exempt from income tax

By Sumes Dewan, KR Chawla & Co

Judgment clarifies tax rules for stock options

By Sumes Dewan,KR Chawla & Co

Tax treaties can benefit qualified non-residents

By Sumens Dewan,KR Chawla & CO

Permanent establishment costly despite shutdown

By Sumes Dewan, KR Chawla & Co

If set up right, BPO units can enjoy tax holidays

By Sumes Dewan, KR Chawla & Co

Avoiding double taxation requires careful planning

By Sumes Dewan, KR Chawla & Co

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