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China Business Law Awards 2019

CBLJ presents the law firms that stand out with their performance in the past year

Ice broken on IPOs involving ‘three-type shareholders’

By Jiang Fengtao and Ruan Lanquan, Hengdu Law Firm

Structured deposits under new asset management rules

By Wu Jiejiang, Jingtian & Gongcheng

Dancing in unison

What are the key compliance issues in the Year of the Dog?

Deals of the Year 2017

Legal efforts in outstanding deals and cases

China’s Green Lanterns

Opportunities and risks with growth of green finance

In the pipeline

Long-term implications of China's Belt and Road initiative and a new regional legal landscape

En garde!

Battles for intellectual property are turning fierce in China

IPO review highlights for NEEQ-listed companies

By Jiang Fengtao, Zhou Rong, Hengdu Law Firm

A touch of tech

How computer and IT may shape the future of legal work

A question of quality

Evolving regulatory landscape

Building a backbone

The Belt and Road: What’s shovel ready?

One in a million

Tips on how to stand out from the regular in-house crowd

Back from the brink

Bankruptcy reorganization may give dying companies new lease of life

China Business Law Awards 2016

Well done to all our winners in 2016!

Deals of the Year 2016

The very best deals showcasing Chinese economic activities in a global market

M&A: Hot & Cold

M&A challenges facing domestic and foreign investors

Embracing a new self

Corporate counsel need to reshape their role

Midas magic

Securities that turn assets to gold

Under the microscope

The safe way to do internal probes

Frayed trade

WTO reports impacts China-EU trade

Play it again

Is China singing a new tune on IP?

Sealing approval

In-house experience for overseas deals

Monkey business

In-house counsel warn of compliance risks in 2016

China Business Law Awards 2015

China Business Law Awards 2015

Cyber nightmare

Tips from Association of Corporate Counsel

Neutralizing default risk

Cross-border financing challenges

Guardian at the gate

Hanergy’s IP head discusses work challenges

Building the future

China’s regional infrastructure efforts

We’re watching you!

Antitrust regulators step up surveillance



China Business Law Awards 2022

China Business Law Journal reveals the law firms that have excelled in the past year

Artboard 1 copy 2video

What does it take to be a top lawyer?

We asked some of our elite A-list lawyers to provide us with keywords that others might use to rise to the top of their game

In-house Counsel Awards revealed

After months of intensive market surveys and research, China Business Law Journal's editorial team unveils our In-house Counsel Award winners


Saudi Arabia engineering investment 101: type of business entity

By Wang Jihong and Tang Hongwei, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Compliance of market players in infrastructure investment

Compliance of market players in infrastructure investment

By Liu Fei and Yan Gangbo, AllBright Law Offices
Anti-monopoly regulations on resale price maintenance

Anti-monopoly regulations on resale price maintenance

By Ryan Fang and Simon Shi, Jingtian & Gongcheng


Bright future

Bright future

Why the new Futures and Derivatives Law is a boost for China towards aligning with international practice?

Trade route revival

Trade route revival

China explores resource investments in Central Asia and the Greater Middle East

markets of choice

Markets of choice

Chinese companies are finding both challenges and opportunities amid shakeups in capital markets at home and abroad


Overview of listing by way of M&A and reorganisation

By Ni Jieyun, Dentons China
New listing landscape holds opportunity for well-prepared firm

New listing landscape holds opportunity for well-prepared firm

By Gao Wei, Haiwen & Partners
Legal internal control in listing compliance, corporate governance

Legal internal control in listing compliance, corporate governance

By Han Xu and Hao Jingmei, Guantao Law Firm



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