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South Africa seeks OECD blessing with San Marino tax agreement

By Beric John Croome, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Do the homework before your company merger in South Africa

By Robert Gad and Janel Strauss, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

How tax authorities determine ‘place of effective management’

By Bernard du Plessis, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

ADIDAS’ stripes – the width of protection

By Ilse du Plessis and Wim Alberts, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Counterfeit: when trademarks get cold feet

By Rowan Forster and Janine Lee, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

South Africa to overhaul tax law

By Gary Vogelman and Janel Strauss, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Protecting trade secrets in South Africa

By Rowan Forster and Wim Alberts, Edward Nathan Sonnenberg

Resolving tax disputes in South Africa

By Peter Dachs, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

IP considerations in commercial transactions in Africa

By Vicky Stilwell, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Draft bill clarifies tax treatment of contingent liabilities

By Annalie la Grange, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Tribunal dismisses SAB case

By Justin Balkin and Lee Mendelsohn, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Budget changes the taxation of cross-border transactions

By Peter Dachs, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Public-sector construction tenders open to bidders from abroad

By Nikita Lalla and Jonty Sacks, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

New benefits aim to woo company headquarters to South Africa

By Bernard du Plessis, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Construction industry needs regulatory certainty

By Eric le Grange, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Transfer pricing and intangibles

By Jens Brodbeck, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

Judgment facilitates the export of IP

By Vicky Stilwell, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs


Rising Stars 2023

100 young elite lawyers for China market


The A-List 2022

After thorough editorial survey and research, China Business Law Journal presents the elite lawyers in China’s legal market

China Deals of the year 2022

Deals of the year 2022

The most exciting China-related legal transactions and disputes of 2022


Fending off LNG trade risks

Fending off LNG trade risks with ‘back-to-back’ clauses

By Wang Jihong and Liang Danni, Zhong Lun Law Firm
Copyright Protection for Pop Music Arrangements

Can pop music arrangements be protected by copyright?

By Bai Xiaoyang, Wan Rui Law Firm
China proposal review

Proposal review: When shareholders and directors collide

By Wang Yuanyuan and Shi Cheng, Grandway Law Offices 


Moving with purpose

Winners of Rising Stars 2023 share secrets to their swift success

The corporate straight and narrow

Hang Dongxia, vice chairman of Juneyao Medical, explores the key issues and classic missteps in achieving good corporate governance

China tech-savvy legal systems

A battle of wits

China is emerging as a leader in legal technology as it reforms and modernises judicial framework



Dilemma of applying punitive damages for IP rights

By Li Shujuan and Ma Yuntao, Ronly & Tenwen Partners
International arbitration v cross-border litigation

International arbitration v cross-border litigation: The pros and cons

By Hu Hongwei and Tan Shaoxuan, Dacheng Law Offices
Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal

Resolving foreign shareholder withdrawal from Sino-foreign JVs

By Sun Shaosong and Niu Yue, Guantao Law Firm

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